We Are Bold

Bold Ventures is a strategic advisory firm that supports individuals, families, foundations, and donor communities who are committed to eliminating disparities through relationship, repair, and the redistribution of wealth.

Our Story

Our work to disrupt traditional philanthropy, and to support impactful leaders in advancing racial equity, was born out of our direct experiences and interaction with philanthropy, and a desire to see this sector work differently.

We believe that it is critical that more people understand and engage with philanthropy if we are going to shift this system towards equity. It will take bold action and bold leadership from each of us to change the system.

Our Guiding Values

  • Connected by

    We invest in building long-term relationships grounded in trust with our clients and partners. We place confidence in the truth, ability, and insights of our collaborators.
  • Committed to

    We respect and honor the capacity of our clients and the communities their giving is intended to support to make informed decisions that lead to self-actualization. We draw on our collective strengths to bring forth a bold vision for our future.
  • Engaged in shared learning.

    We are committed to the exchange of ideas and experiences that deepen our understanding and support the development of a more just and equitable world. We design and facilitate opportunities to learn and reflect together, to surface bold ideas, and co-create impactful outcomes.
  • Guided by 

    We recognize the inherent value of all people and the sanctity of relationships, which guides us to be intentional in our interactions. We aim to be open and understanding, and to approach our relationships with care, consideration, and compassion.

Meet the Team

Alysha Catalano

Alysha Catalano

Affiliate Partner: Whitney Wade

We're thrilled to welcome Whitney Wade as our new affiliate partner. With a strong passion for philanthropy that focuses on strengthening nonprofit infrastructure and advocating for economic security in underserved communities, Whitney brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our team. Her expertise in talent acquisition and executive search, coupled with her advocacy for inclusive philanthropy, greatly enhances our firm's capabilities.

Whitney leads personnel searches as our Search Consultant, offering comprehensive solutions to meet your staffing needs. She can support the full hiring process, provide ongoing coaching during the process, or support interim staffing to ensure workflows continue to run smoothly.

Labor Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that much of the wealth accumulated in the philanthropic sector has been generated by the labor of enslaved Africans and their descendants who suffered the horror of the transatlantic trafficking of their people, chattel slavery, and Jim Crow. We recognize our debt to the labor and sacrifice of exploited workers past and present, and we must acknowledge the ever-present history that continues to impact our relationships with capital, resources, and each other today.

We also recognize the labor and sacrifice of Black philanthropists who fought for the abolition of slavery, provided mutual aid through the Jim Crow era, and continue to support Black Americans today.
Adapted from Dr. Terah ‘TJ’ Stewart

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