Disrupting Traditional Philanthropy

Building Capacity

We specialize in supporting BIPOC philanthropists and organizational leaders.

Developing strategies

We create customized, equity-centered funder strategies.

Facilitating dialogues

We facilitate organizational dialogues on race, equity and social justice.

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Phote of Jessyca Dudley standing by  Courtney Morrison

Photograph by Courtney Morrison

A note from the founder, Jessyca:

Born and raised in Chicago, I have seen first hand how philanthropy has often excluded communities and their perspectives. I have been on both sides of the system – seeking funding and making grants – and have seen how the opaque practices of philanthropy are used to regulate access to funding for BIPOC communities. It’s critical that more people understand and engage with philanthropy if we are going to shift this system towards equity. It will take bold action and bold leadership from each of us to change the system.

Are you ready to join me? Then let’s go.

All together bold!

Bold Ventures: a strategic advisory firm

Our highest priority is supporting the philanthropic sector and social impact leaders advance racial equity. In direct support of their philanthropic goals, our purpose is to facilitate alignment between how their impact goals align with values of racial justice, equity, and fairness.

Our firm is committed to taking an individualized approach with each client in order to develop strategies that achieve the greatest impact for the communities we serve.

At Bold Ventures, we leverage our expertise and experience to cultivate confidence in the ability of philanthropic leaders to influence the sector and challenge its current practices in grantmaking and governance to build sustainable and impactful outcomes.

Our purpose is to achieve values-aligned philanthropy.


Including philanthropic coaching, organizational support, and speaking engagements.


Ranging from individuals to organizations such as foundations and non-profits.


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What Clients Say

“Jessyca brings a breath of policy and grantmaking experience to her work. She understands the issues low- and moderate-income communities face and is comfortable navigating these spaces and philanthropy. Her analysis and writing are insightful, accessible, and concise.” -Deborah E. Bennett, Polk Bros. Foundation

“Jessyca helped our community leaders navigate access to resources for racial and health equity. She is kind, strategic, and engaging — exactly the mix of person community leaders love!” -Bobby Cochran, Shift Health Accelerator

What kind of client will you be?

Whether you’re looking to break into the philanthropic space, need support in stewarding your money towards impactful efforts, or are ready to deepen your approach to equity in your work, we’re excited to work with you.